FOO 2023

The 2023 Forum for Operational Oceanography will be focussed on new developments and partnerships in operational oceanography.

Keynote speakers include:
Jonathan Barratt (CelsiusPro) who will provide the community with an insurance industry perspective on opportunities to help marine industries mange risks associated with significant/extreme events.

Alex Held (CSIRO) who will outline progress with the AquaWatch mission and the benefits that will flow for marine operations from developing a water quality/HAB forecasting capability.

Dr Claire Spillman is a Principal Research Scientist and leads the Seasonal and Marine Applications Team in Research at the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia. Her current research is focused on seasonal forecasting for marine applications, particularly marine heatwave prediction, coastal hazards, and reef, aquaculture and fisheries management.

Session 2: Evolution of wave and current data and their application in operational oceanography
Session Chair:  Diana Greenslade

Mapping sea surface currents using areal imagery
Albert Zulberti, The University of Western Australia

Two decades of surface current observations using drifters
Charitha Pattiaratchi, The University of Western Australia

Investigating Data Assimilation Methodologies for Improved Swell Prediction Accuracy
Marzieh H. Derkani, The University of Western Australia

Surface Waves Working Group update
Salman Saeed Khan, CSIRO

Session 4: Updates and lessons from existing operational partnerships
Session Chair: Edward King

Regional And Coastal Oceanography Experiences From Talisman Sabre 2023
Vanessa Hernaman, CSIRO

Advances in Bureau’s ocean forecasting services
Gary Brassington, Bureau Bluelink Team

The CSIRO Atlas of Regional Seas 2022: a new marine climatology for Australia
Rebecca Cowley, CSIRO

Benoit Legresy & Gabriela Semolini-Pilo, CSIRO

The Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre: Overview
Marcus Haward,  Blue Economy CRC and University of Tasmania

Session 5: Updates and lessons from existing operation partnerships (Continued)
Session Chair: Nicole Jones

Fishing for ocean data – An industry and IMOS partnership
Veronique Lago & Moninya Roughan, UNSW

Using stochastic models to improve predictions of internal tide-driven currents and temperature
MD Rayson, The University of Western Australia

Introducing a high-resolution south-eastern Australia coastal ocean forecast (SEA-COFS) using advanced data assimilation
Colette Kerry & Moninya Roughan, UNSW

Roadmap for Operational Wave Modelling at the Bureau of Meteorology
Stefan Zieger, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Argo Australia – Achievements and outlook
Gabriela Semolini-Pilo

Developing AquaWatch
Alex Held, CSIRO

Session 6: Data Stewardship
Session Chair: David Antoine

From the Ocean to the Cloud – Now and the Future
Mark Rehbein, IMOS

Iain Parnum, CMST

New ocean remote sensing products and opportunities for operational oceanography
Helen Beggs, Bureau of Meteorology

Data sharing – opportunities and pitfalls
Greg Williams, RPS MetOcean

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