FOO 2021

Climate, Marine Heatwaves, and Temperature
Thursday, 25 November 2021
16:00-17:30 AEDT
13:00-1430 AWST

Session Presentations

Theme 2 - Climate, Marine Heatwaves, and Temperature

Chairs - Jessica Benthuysen - Australian Institute for Marine Science & Mark Doubell - South Australian Research and Development Institute

Session Spotlights

Pete Strutton et al

University of Tasmania et al

Autonomous floats and high resolution modelling: potential applications

Pallavi Govekar et al

Bureau of Meteorology and University of Reading

Himawari-8 and Multi-sensor sea surface temperature products and their applications

Jessica Bolin

University of the Sunshine Coast et al

Forecasting swordfish quality: a tool for dynamic industry adaptation

Claire Spillman et al

Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO

Heatwave Prediction


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