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Thank you for your interest in the FOO 2021 Spotlights. Entries have now closed.

Please visit the session webpages to view the spotlights.

As we want to maximise the engagement opportunity of FOO 2021, we are offering members of the community the chance to prepare one-page submissions, “FOO Spotlights”, which can take the form of a poster, pamphlet, abstract, infographic or pitch to:

  • inspire future collaborations;
  • update the community on some new or ongoing research;
  • pitch a problem for the FOO community;
  • promote an idea for operational oceanography.

These FOO Spotlights will help promote and prompt future topics, talks, and (hopefully) partnerships and problem-solving. Each FOO Spotlight will be put on the respective session’s webpage (or circulated amongst participants). While time may be limited to discuss the Spotlights during the three themed sessions, Spotlights are designed to provoke some discussion during and beyond the event and give other members of the community a chance to be creative or communicate an idea. More time will be given to discuss Spotlights during the final session on the 1 December and the FOO Secretariat encourages those submitting Spotlights to be in attendance. The substance of the Spotlights are considered part of the FOO event, and will form part of the formal FOO 2021 report.

Each session will have a prize for best Spotlight – an IMOS Keep Cup and a $100 Booktopia Gift Certificate.


  • 1 page only – A4/A3 dimension, portrait or landscape
  • Have a clear title/question/idea
  • List your name, institution/company, contact details
  • Should not contain any confidential information
  • Should endeavour to spark ideas, discussion, inspiration, collaboration between the four pillars of the FOO community (government, researchers, industry, and service providers)
  • Be in .jpeg, .png, or .pdf format
  • Be no more than 10MB.

Spotlights can be uploaded below and should be uploaded to the FOO Website by COB AWST 19 November 2021 – please contact the FOO Secretariat ([email protected] ) if you have any questions.

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