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April 2017

Experimental wave buoy deployments are seldom made, however they are important as in situ wave measurements in extreme events, and can be used to inform operational agencies of the conditions at sea and also to help improve and validate models of these extreme events. A collaborative partnership between the Coastal Impacts Unit of the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation from the Queensland State Government, Scripps and the Australian Institute of Marine Science saw the agencies deploying experimental wave drifter buoys during Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017, one of many activities they are planning over the next year to evaluate and inter-compare existing and emerging wave measuring technologies and platforms. [more]

March 2017

This month the Australian Institute of Marine Science’s latest ‘AIMS Index of Marine Industry’ was released. The 2016 report says Australia’s marine industries now contribute more than $74 billion directly and indirectly to the annual national gross domestic product. [more]

April 2016

The blue economy has been a headline issue at two recent international ocean science and technology conferences, the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting and Oceanology International, clearly demonstrating that it is a global agenda. [more]


March 2016

The MARVL project has developed a new Shelf Seas Atlas for Australia. The MARVL3 Data Atlas comprises a collated database of in-situ observations from coastal and shelf waters around Australia collected over the 20 year period between 1995 and 2014. [more]

January 2016

The Australian Government’s support of the inaugural Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography recognised the value of enabling greater research/industry collaboration. Marine industries and the marine and climate science community working more closely together can improve national wellbeing and grow the ‘blue economy’. [more]


December 2015

The Australian Government has just released its National Innovation and Science Agenda.  Let’s ask the question - Can FOO be part of the ‘ideas boom’? [more]

IMOS logo stacked

December 2015

One clearly relevant aspect of the Innovation Agenda is a ten year commitment to the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) that funds our Integrated Marine Observing System.  So we now have a pathway for taking IMOS into a second decade. [more]

December 2015

A recent paper by some Spanish researchers has made an exploratory analysis of Operational oceanography, end users, and social network sites.  It provides some interesting cross-country comparisons, with Australia and New Zealand being two of the eight countries considered. [more]

NMSP_Front Cover

September 2015

The National Marine Science Plan, released in August at Parliament House by the Minister for Industry and Science, focuses on seven key challenges associated with our oceans that provides a template for striking a balance between reaping Australian ocean’s economic potential and the need to safeguard its longer term health. [more]