FOO Events

The second meeting of an Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography (FOO) was held in Fremantle from 25-27 July 2017. Its purpose was to review progress of FOO since the first event in 2015, to assess present capabilities, engagement and needs, to explore uses and users of operational oceanography, and to focus on the ‘hot topic’ of marine extremes. [more]



Previous Events

The inaugural meeting of The Australian Forum for Operational Oceanography (FOO) was held in Fremantle, Western Australia on 21-23 July 2015 (FOO 2015). The meeting was attended by participants from across 50 organisations, with good representation from all ‘four pillars’ of the Forum’s stakeholder base, namely marine industries, service providers, government agencies and research providers. [more]

Other Events

September 2017 Eighth GOOS Regional Forum Meeting, Singapore

September 2017 – Seafood Directions, Sydney, NSW

October 2017 3rd Australian Wind Waves Symposium, Perth, WA

October 2017 GODAE OceanView International School, New Frontiers in Operational Oceanography, Mallorca, Spain

October 2017EuroGOOS International Conference: Operational Oceanography, serving sustainable marine development, Bergen, Norway

October 2017 Our Ocean 2017, Malta

October 2017 – APPEA HSE Conference, Perth, WA

October 2017 – Pacific 2017, Sydney, NSW

November 2017 – Oceanology International, Qingdao, China

February 2018 – AMOS-ICSHMO 2018, Sydney, NSW

February 2018 – Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018, Oregon, USA

March 2018 – AOG, Perth, WA

March 2018 – World Ocean Summit 2018, Riviera Maya, Mexico

May 2018 – APPEA Conference and Exhibition, Adelaide, SA

October(?) 2018 – Ports Australia biennial conference

October 2018 – Australian Coastal and Oceans Modelling and Observations Workshop (ACOMO) 2018, Canberra, ACT

September 2019 – Coasts & Ports (biennial), Hobart, TAS

September 2019 – Ocean Obs ’19, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA